Virtual Security Director (VSD)

Security has become a top priority among businesses worldwide and the demand for technology within the security industry has grown exponentially. Security is no longer just a cost of doing business – it has evolved to become a function of business.

Fortunately, the cost of technology has come down significantly, making it more affordable for most small and medium-sized companies. As companies seek to reduce costs due to financial pressure resulting from the slow economy, SECURaGLOBE has constructed a service delivery model that is both cost-effective and technologically advanced: Virtual Security Director (VSD®).

VSD® is like having a full time Security Director within your organization that is capable of handling some/all security matters without incurring the related salary and overhead expenses. Further VSD® provides access to a wide range of security experts covering a broader spectrum of security and legislative matters, all in one program.

Through investments made by SECURaGLOBE in internet technologies, a communications portal is now available whereby businesses, celebrities, law firms and government agencies may extract ethics, compliance and security solutions through an easy-to-use interface. Plus, by bundling of services you can maximize cost savings!

The Mechanics


+ Caller/Subscriber Anonymity
+ 24x7 Incident Reporting
+ 800 Multi-Lingual Hotline
+ Web Intake
+ Interview Specialists
+ Electronic Reports
+ Employee Kits
+ Letter, Brochures and Wallet Cards
+ Location / Posting Material


+ Incident Management
+ Web Portal
+ Centralized Database
+ Built-in Task Management
+ Oversee all Investigations
+ Facilitate Collaboration
+ Benchmark Industry Data
+ Best Practices & Workflow Library

Compliance Services

+ Workplace Violence & Harassment
+ Threat Risk Assessments
+ Investigations
+ HR Support & Legal Services
+ Training & Education

Professional Services

+ Pre-Employment Screening
+ Execute Protection
+ Strike Management