Security Risk Management

SECURaGLOBE assists clients in the development and implementation of security risk management solutions for a complete workplace violence prevention program.

Performing a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) is the first step in creating an effective Workplace Violence (WPV) Program in any organization. A workplace violence and risk assessment provides management with the following information:

  • Threats that can cause injury to people within your scope of responsibility (i.e. employees, visitors, clients)
  • The different ways that WPV incidents can happen
  • A prioritized list of the WPV risks facing your organization
  • A factual starting point to create your WPV program

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Take A.I.M.M.


Where do you start? Many organizations start their Workplace Violence (WPV) Program by writing policies and procedures. These are important, but stakeholders and governments expect a thorough assessment of the specific risks of violence in your workplace. Our certified security risk management experts can perform a comprehensive assessment of your operations to identify threats and vulnerabilities for WPV. The facts obtained in this objective examination form the foundation of your program.


Recognizing the signs of WPV and having an effective reporting mechanism to management is a critical program component. Analysis of WPV incidents show that in almost every case there were clear signs of a brewing problem that were not recognized or reported within the organization. Our security risk management experts can train your staff how to identify key violence indicators and help to create your reporting methods that will withstand the most critical scrutiny.


Mitigation is about knowing and avoiding unnecessary risks where possible. Your WPV assessment will identify the risks facing your organization so you can make informed decisions and take cost effective action to:

  • Prevent incidents from occurring
  • Create effective policies and procedures
  • Document and analyze incidents to proactively address changing threats
  • Train your staff to recognize, report and manage incidents
  • Comply to legislation and survive court challenges


Despite the best program, not all WPV risks can be avoided. Effectively managing incidents is vital to the safety & security of everyone in your organization. SECURaGLOBE security risk management experts can work with your management team to correctly interpret the reported signs of violence and deliver appropriate responses to workplace threats.

Threat Risk Assessment

We provide threat risk assessment and audit services that result in useable, real world solutions for our clients. We are committed to producing understandable results, proven suggestions and a roadmap for implementation and compliance. To have one of our certified professionals do your assessment for you, you can purchase our professional assessment solution.

Threat Risk Assessment: Methodology

Objective techniques of assessing the security postures of buildings are utilized by SECURaGLOBE via a collection of the following information:

  • Employee interviews
  • Review of site documentation
  • Site survey / direct observations

The collected information is then collated into a weighted scoring model for best security practices in each major subject area of physical security. The product is a score for each area and a total “roll-up” score displayed in the report.

Threat Risk Assessment: Defining Risks

SECURaGLOBE considers several different factors when defining risks for a threat risk assessment.

  • Geographic location.
  • Crimes Against Property/People (CAP). Reports provide scores that indicate the risk of crime at a site compared to the average of 100 (a score of 400 means that the risk is four times the average and a score of 50 means the risk is half the average).
  • Score comparisons both locally and nationally.

Threat Risk Assessment: Developing Solutions

Allow SECURaGLOBE to “Take AIMM” and develop a successful threat risk assessment program that is tailored to your organization.

  • Certified Security Experts
  • Produce Premium Threat Risk Assessments Reports
  • Develop policies and procedures based on assessment results
  • Provide CAP Reports specific to any address in North America

Threat Risk Assessment: Content

The following information is included in a typical threat risk assessment as performed by SECURaGLOBE:

  • General Security Management Posture
  • Threat, Risk, Impact and Consequence Assessment (TRICA)
    • CrimeCast Report – Crimes Against People/Property (CAP) Index
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (“CPTED”)
    • Natural Surveillance
    • External Lighting
    • Site Layout
    • Perimeter Fencing/Barriers, including points of access (controlled or not).
    • Signage and Way-Finding