Information Security

Protection of corporate data has yielded several developments in information technology spanning from physical network hardware solutions involving servers, routers and switches through to various software programs surrounding firewalls, data encryption & encapsulation, access control rules, packet filtering & analysis and so on.

The professionals at SECURaGLOBE are certified and capable to assist orgainizations with:

  • Network “Hardening” designs and strategies
  • Firewall penetration testing & resolutions
  • Development of Access Control rules and policies
  • Implementation of Authentication methods
  • Verification of Digital signatures
  • Key management
  • Custom protocol development
  • e-commerce security
  • Secure VoIP telephony
  • Secure video data & images
  • High speed link encryption
  • Biometrics
  • Email encryption

Network Security and Compliance Experts

Allow our network security and compliance experts to develop custom cryptography solutions to your information security problems.

Leadership & Experience

Director of Information Security, Mr. T. Davies has been engineering and conducting software development in cryptography for over fifteen years. Since graduating with a Masters of Information Technology (MSc. IT), Mr. Davies has been diligently, progressively advancing the technology of software encryption and is a co-founder of MHP — METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR ENCRYPTION AND AUTHENTICATION (patent pending).